Who is Africa’s Most Business Minded Preacher?

Shepherd Bushiri in his private jet today

He’s a multi-billion dollar prophet with the title MAJOR 1. A Malawian based in South Africa.

He’s prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

Facts about his establishments (In Photos)

1 – He has one of the fastest growing Churches in Africa

His church is ranked one of the fastest growing in Africa.

Catch him on BBC World Service television programme, FOCUS ON AFRICA. They featured him on his church’s rapid growth.

“His crossover services a boost for local tourism,” CNBC AFRICA reported.

2 – The church

His church is the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG).

3 – His  Christian television channel

The Prophetic Channel.

On Prophetic channel TV Dead boy come to live

4 – He is a giver

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is a great philanthropist:

Shepherd Bushiri carrying a bag of rice

Bushiri gave food to about 2000 victims of Dedza hailstorms.

Shepherd Bushiri is a giver

Prophet Bushiri feeds over 15 000 households in Malawi. And he is captured carrying and distributing food to the poor in Malawi. Carrying two bags on his shoulders? Hmm, a great and selfless man of God indeed!

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri distributing food to the poor

Bushiri carries two bags of rice himself Bushiri feeds households Bushiri feeds Bushiri has given to each bags of rice He is hapily serving people in Malawi

He gives to prisons and prisoners.

He is a helping hand to the needy

His samaritan gesture to orphans in the city of Mzuzu, Malawi. The Prophet has great love for the children in the city he calls home. He gives maize to the orphan care homes around the city of Mzuzu.


5 – He is a business man

He owns:

1 – Favor Energy Drink

An energy drink currently on sale in South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Ghana, Nigeria, and the USA, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, South Sudan, Togo, Australia, Dubai, we can’t keep mentioning them. Learn more from his drinks Facebook page. Shepherd Bushiri in his energy drink production company Shepherd Bushiri in his energy drink production factory Shepherd Bushiri's energy drink

Following the official public launch after two months, his energy drink was producing 800, 000 units per month with 60, 000 units released to the market every week (excluding their cross border market) He stated on Facebook that his drink “Favor” is taking over.

2 – Shepherd Bushiri Investments

He has invested in Malawi. In South Sudan, the agric, education, and oil sectors. South Africa. And other countries we may not know of.

Shepherd Bushiri with his business team Shepherd Bushiri in his office

Check out the company’s Facebook page.

3 – PSB Network

He is the first black person and individual to own a mobile network, PSB Connect, in South Africa.

PSB Mobile Network

4 – SB Hotels

SB Hotels is a chain of prestigious 5 Star hotels.

Shepherd Bushiri in his company Shepherd Bushiri in his hotel 1 Shepherd Bushiri in his hotel

5 – SB Airways

SB Airways provides aircraft charters to business professionals.

Shepherd Bushiri Airways Gulf-2 GULF3-2 Shepherd Bushiri Airways

Coming out of his private jet One of his Private Jet Prophet Shepherd Bushiri's Third Private Jet The prophet and his staff

6 – SB Agriculture

SB Agricultural Produce is a division of SBI South Sudan which is subsidiary of Shepherd Bushiri Investments int’l.

SB Agriculture in Sudan

When he visited S. Sudan

7 – Shepherd Bushiri Mining Ltd in Zambia

Shepherd Mining, Zambia

8 – SB Oil

SB Oil is a division of SBI South Sudan which is a subsidiary of Shepherd Bushiri Investments int’l.

9 – SB Minerals

SB Minerals is a division of SBI South Sudan which is subsidiary of Shepherd Bushiri Investments int’l.

Additional facts to inspire you

6 – He has a mentor

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s mentor is his spiritual father, Prophet Uebert Angel of the GoodNews Church:

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri with his spiritual father

7 – He is a husband and a father

He has 2 children with his beautiful wife Mary Zgambo. She is the Director and co-founder of Shepherd Bushiri Investments. See how happy they are:

Prophet Dr. Shepherd Bushiri (Major 1) and his wife Prophetess Mary BushiriHis happy wife Mary Bushiri

8 – He inspires

He tips youth on how to build a successful life. Check out what he posted about himself on Facebook. It inspires his followers:


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