What Words Should I Never Say To My Husband?

Words a wife should never say to her husband

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands” (Proverbs 14:1).

Many women grew up in a household where the thing Debbie is talking about in the video was the norm. Their marriage ended badly. They foolishly plugged it down with their very own hands.

God never intended to form Eve out of the dust of the ground in the first place. He later realized Adam needed a helpmeet (Genesis 2:21-24). And that is the reason He created women for men. Help your husband, even, in his weaknesses. He may be a drunkard, womanizer, whatever. Yours is to help him because you may know him better, and you are one flesh. Work the God system, use the know-how you have acquired from the Living Word, to help him. He needs you.

Never rip your husband down if you feel insecure; and never tell him that he can never do anything right. To the men, live the Word of God. Do not marry ungodly women because of whatever reason; a godly woman has the Lord Jesus Christ. Same advice goes to the women. Learn all you can from God’s Word about what to do to keep your marriage together.

Now, listen to Debbie’s awesome words of wisdom on words a wife should never say to her husband. It is great to hear a woman acknowledging this truth:

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