What Is Prevailing Prayer?

Can you cause the ground to produce fruit anytime?


Seed time and harvest shall not cease. God has made it possible for seed time to continue back to back. It does not cease.

But there are times for sowing. There are seasons. Yes, that is a fact.

The thing is you only need to understand how to manipulate the ground, and cause it to produce fruits anytime.

We can create our own atmosphere

That day has passed when they said we cannot grow it because…what? We can change it. Times have changed. We can do seed time back to back.

The scripture in Genesis 8:22 (KJV) says it this way: “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

There is no space. There is no waiting. If the time shall not cease that means it’s time and time and time again. As this time stops, it starts. It stops and starts.

Have you ever had a year and at the end of that year there was a space before another year started? One year stops and enters another year. Seed time just keeps rolling.

That’s what God said all the time; just a lot of folks didn’t understand it, and so they left it for nature.

You know, some people think: “why should you try to spoil things?” If God wants tomatoes to grow they will grow. If God wants the rain to fall they will fall.

Go to China where they are making rain to fall by themselves. They don’t wait for God no more. They make the rain fall. They create the rain now. Hallelujah!

Man is finding out what God said all the time. It’s been there. Man just didn’t know it.

Look, if you don’t cultivate that ground, what you’re going to have will be wigs, thongs, thistles. That’s all. You’re not going to have a crop. And if you want to have a crop you’ve got to have dominion. Exercise dominion over the ground. To do that…

Learn the principles of prevailing prayer

Prayer doesn’t change God.

And prevailing prayer is not the prayer we pray and walk away.

Also, note that the value of a soul is the value of the life of Jesus. You have to consider the benevolence of God, and in His providence already manifested in His word and manifested around us.

Now, be elevated to a higher level of reality in God’s Word as Pastor Chris expounds on this truth: Prevailing prayer. That’s what you need. That’s the number one thing you need now.

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