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Contact us to create the account for you if you’re an artist. We’ll give you your username and password to later upload your songs using this login form:

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Note, not anyone can register. If you try to register yourself, you’ll find this:

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Mytopfinding is a team of verified contributors from around the world and artists only.

You can edit your profile, have access to your dashboard, and logout any time using your control panel when you login:

Image of users control panel

A newbie dashboard may look like this:

Image of a newbie dashboard

An oldie dashboard may look like this:

Image of an oldie's dashboard

This is how the “Edit Profile” page looks like for a newbie:

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Quickly learn…

How To Upload Your Songs

To upload your Christian song, click on the submit song button:

Image of submit song button

You’ll be taken to the “Submit Song (with Lyrics)” page:

Image of the submit song form


Enter your YouTube music video url in the url box:

Image of url box

Click on the Get Title and Description link:

Image of Get Title and Description box

And Mytopfinding will automatically fetch the title, featured image and description from the link, as long as the url support Open Graph. For example, after fetching from the YouTube music video url https://youtu.be/c5oOhtQTM3g for Elevation Worship’s song “RUIDO! RATTLE!,” we got the original title and description from YouTube as seen in the image below:

Image showing automatically fetched title, featured image and description


But to ensure uniformity on MYTOPFINDING, you need to edit the title this way:

Title Of Song Lyrics – Name Of Artist

…to get this:

Image of edited title

Warning: Do not add featured artists in the title box. Add all featured artists immediately after your lyrics in the description box like this:

Song by Name Of Artist Feat. Name Of Featured Artist

Topic Category (Language)

We’ve seven categories for now. They’re:

  1. Africa (All languages)
  2. English (Outside Africa)
  3. French (Outside Africa)
  4. Hindi
  5. Latin
  6. Spanish
  7. Telgu

Click to select a topic category (Language) from the list:

Image of Select a Topic Category box

Video Button

Select “Video” by clicking on the video button:

Image of clicked Video button


Delete the original description fetched from YouTube. And enter your well edited song lyrics in the description box:

Image of Description box


Cite the name of the artist/artists/band, featured artist/artists, owner/owners, and the writer/writers of the song immediately after your song lyrics like this:

“Song by Name Of Artist” or “Song by Name Of Artist Feat. Name Of Featured Artist/Artists

Then the name of the writer/writers this way:

“Writer: Name of Writer” or “Writers: Name of Writer 1, Name of Writer 2…., and Name of Writer

Sales and or Promotion Links

You can now add your sales and or promotion links right after the citation (You’ll get high CTR from this identified hot spot on MYTOPFINDING). Present your links this way:

“Buy from link” and or…

“Download from link

Add tags

The standard tags on MYTOPFINDING are the “name of artist“, “name of featured artist“, “Album“, “Christmas songs“, and “Hymns“. Any other tag is unacceptable, and will be deleted.

Take time to go through some few song pages to learn our format to help you publish accordingly.

Submit Your Song

Upload by clicking on the submit button:

Image of the submit button

Your song will be published instantly or may wait for approval.

Contact us any time if you need any other assistance.

Your story is your song. Tell it. Thank you.

(Image Credit: Christafari)

Mytopfinding Team