Uncommon Few Lyrics – DJ LostNFound

Intro: A.I. The Anomaly
Ayy, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
A.I., yeah, ay-ay, yeah, ayy

Verse 1: A.I. The Anomaly
Yeshua be the truest, influencin’ my maneuvers
I was broken, I was ruined, I done treaded in a sewer
Now no mingle with manure, evil lifted, I done grew up
Me no fair, no bear no evil, don’t you ever bring it to me
Bring it, bring it to my doorstep, Scriptures like my forceps
Tools I can use in the middle of my worship
Rippin’ out my old self, conquer wit’ a force
Scrеamin’ “God Over Money” ’til I’m givin’ Him my last breath

Verse 2: Prophet Link
Wе take a name, depict the image, keep it in its frame
We pray for change but stay the same, yo, so who’s to blame?
Your selfish gaze, the blueprint keeps you boxed and chained
Your lust for fame keeps you the same, that’s why your music’s lame
Minds become a reprobate with lies that’ll decimate
That’s why I spit it for your soul, watch your spirit levitate
So when you lie inside that pawn box, who’ll watch you elevate?
Heavy bars leavin’ ’em scarred for all you featherweights

Verse 3: Travis Hobson
No parody, I mimic the Paraclete like a parrot
No parakeet, prepare for the perilous
Apparently, to perishing I’m numb as a paraplegic’s pair of feet
And I need Jesus like air to breathe, I’m far from perfect
I’m flawed and worthless, my mind’s all the paper
I write my deepest thoughts, mind on the paper
So y’all thought it was money-driven, they tryna box me in
And knock me out like I’m Sonny Liston, listen

Verse 4: Alcott
Yeah, ayy, yo, the culture been inventin’ lies, them and sin is synergized
Biggin’ up bigotry all for ginnin’ up a genocide
Common sense desensitized, entice the incentivized
Coward ways ’cause nowadays bein’ hip just mean you hypnotized
We look at signs in the skies searchin’ for some gems in Gemini
And answers from Cancer while hidden in disguise
There’s wolves amongst the flock with the genders bent on endin’ lies
Best open our eyes before the lack of penance penalize

Verse 5: I.V. Musik
Overly criticized but hypocritical with presentin’ lies
Deconstruction has folks buggin’, unction lost, they minimize
Senseless stuff is based off of somethin’, gumption is misdirected
Blast or miss, dysfunction leaves the Spirit feelin’ disrespected
Wrath is comin’, better fall back and stop lookin’ introspective
Election doesn’t answer questions of new perspectives, but
God’s sovereignty has got to be above reproofin’
How you were predestined with work to do, seek His presence while He’s present
His light is all your blessin’

Verse 6: outr.cty
Where I’m from, what you see is what you get, cameral
Can’t resolve, watch those hands move like it’s L-L-Log
Feelin’ pressure, they’ll air it out like it’s aerosol
I’m tryna save all those souls so that they can walk
On solid ground, concrete, resist the devil, he’ll flee
Just tryna play my part in His Kingdom like the Red Sea
I know a place with livin’ water, no Poseidon
My soul was really lost but now it’s found with His guidance

Verse 7: Pastor Charles A.R.
Yo, ain’t no standin’ on the fence, you must pursue a side, it’s you or God
Die to self, grab that Bible off that shelf, it was do-or-die
Was time to act, so that .38 was a passage
Put two inside of that ratchet, the murder case was a suicide
Mortified my flesh, my spirit manned on the shooter’s side
Organized my death, funeral plans wit’ a suit and tie
Breath to lies, these bars, the volume will make you new inside
Thirsty? While you waitin’, I’ll be drinkin’ from Yeshua’s side

Song by DJ LostNFound Featuring Alcott, I.V. Musik, Travis Hobson, A.I. The Anomaly, Prophet Link, ​outr.cty and Pastor Charles A.R.

Written by Alcott, I.V. Musik, Travis Hobson, A.I. The Anomaly, Prophet Link, ​outr.cty and Pastor Charles A.R.

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