U P H O L D E R Lyrics – Joshua Leventhal

Glory weaved through sin-scarred earth
Like veins of gold catching light through dirt
But all that’s been made is tired
Yeah all that’s been made is tired

Creation groans for the final day
For all this weight to give way
But all still sits in the meantime
I still sit in the meantime

Will my questions resound in the void
Will I hear answers through all of the noise

Is my suffering an altar or some cosmic spill
A crack in the order outside of Your will
How much of the wreckage will You use in the end
How much is random, allowed or intended
I’d like to think nothing happens in vain
But sometimes the silence starts swallowing faith
If I only trust You while my world’s still intact
Is that actually trust or some thinly veiled act

You’re reigning now but still we feel
Death rust all things and eat its fill
But nothing is lost, You say
Nothing is lost You say

But my questions scream out in the void
I need Your whisper to pierce through the noise

How much peace should I long for while still in this life
It’s clear for the next one when all’s been set right
But I’m still in the darkness awaiting the light
And I know I should hope, but sometimes I’m just tired
And yes I’ve been blessed just to breathe air at all
You’ve given much more and I’m grateful beyond
All the words that escape me in the midst of this loss
You refine me as gold but I feel like the dross

And I don’t know how this works
How your plan collides with pain
And my fear lives in those gaps
But there’s one thing that I know
You sustain everything
You sustain everything
You sustain everything
You sustain everything
You sustain

Song by Joshua Leventhal

Written by Joshua Leventhal and Daniel Klenner

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