The Secret To Surrender Intro Lyrics – DJ LostNFound

Verse: Dillon Chase
Hope put movement in the feet of the Savior
To carry His death chamber, that’s so we can be neighbors
That’s a moment in the monument for me to see greater
Dates are on the way anchored by His life and His labor
It’s a guarantee, a marriage feast
Heaven is prepared for me, my therapy, yeah
You know my expectation’s on my next location
So my hope is not hinged to this simulation
So when I’m down bad, I still bounce back ’cause I’m ’bout that
Life the proud path, get around that
Yikes, humility is whеn you’re really free
Lower than a cеntipede, that’s how I really be
Uh, my life beat me down
It just pulls me closer to the solid ground
Relyin’ on self is really not allowed
In the hands of the Father, the lost get found

There are surely a bunch of particular things that you may sense God telling you to let go of
Arrogance, greed, isolation, apathy, whatever
But the primary thing God wants you to give up
Is your life

Song by DJ LostNFound Featuring Dillon Chase

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