The Awakening Lyrics – Becoming the Archetype

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Upon arrival of the waking hour
The only sound the ringing in my ears
In the dark devoid of power
Through the black an alien planet draws near

Powerless awaiting descent
Incapable of physical motion
Suspended in the eternal present
Upon the waves of an infinite black abyss

I am sifted through the cracks
Within the fabric of reality
My consciousness reacts
To a new awakening
A new awakening
A new awakening

From beautiful chaos to deafening silence
And tortured sound of labored breathing
Descending faster and faster to the surface
Then all at once time and space stop moving

Blinding light
Shatters the darkness
Through the night
A voice emerges

I am the ancient of ancients
The beginning and end
The world below you has been corrupted
Not from without but from within

It was for this purpose you were chosen
Only you can end the curse now
Sacrifice your body for the broken
Your essence must be poured out

Like a bullet from a gun
Space and time come rushing back into focus
Tearing through the heavens with fervent heat
Then finally crashing down into the ocean
Into the ocean

Song by Becoming the Archetype

Written by Jason Wisdom, Seth Hecox, Nate Washburn and Brent Duckett

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