She Wanted To Join ISIS, But Found Jesus

Born in a Muslim family, little Chaima tried to kill herself three times, hated Christians, nearly joined ISIS. But Christ appeared to her. Her family abandoned her because she chose Christianity. But she says she has a new family now. We, Christians. Hallelujah!

Watch and listen as she tells her story:


Hi, my name is Chaima, I’m 18 years old. And I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ. This is my story:

I was born in a Muslim family. When I was a little girl, I always asked myself: “What am I doing in this world?” Because I just saw a cruel world, and I didn’t want to be a part of it. When I grew up I started to be really bad. I was hurting a lot, and I hurt people because of it. I tried to kill myself three times.

I was doing drugs. I was smoking. I was smoking anything like deodorants and things. I just wanted to destroy myself. It arrived a time where I wanted to go to Syria Because I hated people who weren’t Muslim. I wanted to kill them. I was bound to dangerous things. I loved to see people dying. I loved to see them bleeding. I was seeing videos of decapitation and loved it, in the Internet.

And yeah, it was my life. I wanted to go to Syria. A friend, she influenced me. She started to tell me that if I go to Syria, I would have what I don’t have here. And she was talking to me about terrifying things. But she was talking to me like a mum. I didn’t feel loved by anyone. I was weak, and she showed me love. I fell in the in the trap. I started to be alone every time, every time.

I accepted to marry a man, a man that I didn’t choose through Ankara and stuff. I was just blind. I started to have a passion. I love to read. I love books, and my mother knows it. So, you know, African mums, when they have something for free they take it. Everything! So she brought me books, and it was the Bible in there. And she didn’t know it. So I started to read the Bible to prove to Christians that they were wrong.

But I was wrong. And the grace of Jesus Christ started to touch me. I was reading things like “pray for your enemies”, like “love them”. And I was someone who wanted to kill them. I hated them. I just wanted, yeah, to kill them. And intellectually, I didn’t want to accept Jesus, but my heart… Jesus started to do a work in my heart.

And it arrived a time where I had to explain to my family that I became a Christian. So I announced to my father and this is where persecution started.

They didn’t talk to me. They stopped talking to me. During months I was alone in my room. It was like a prison. And I have a past where there is persecution and depression, suicide and stuff so if I stay alone it’s not good at all for me. But depression had me one time, not a second time. So I started to read the Bible, a lot of reading. And Jesus was there with me. He was encouraging me. The Holy Spirit was really there. I felt it, I knew it.

Today my family abandoned me. I am alone I have no home. My family abandoned me, but I have a new family. And this family is all around the world; it’s my family in Christ. This is the best gift God gave me. I just want to encourage you people, Muslims or not, to seek God with all your heart. Because God knows where you are. He knows your struggle. Even if you hate Him, He loves you. I can see the grace of Jesus Christ. He saved me from suicide, from depression, from all of it, all of this. Satan knows as soon as the person got baptized, he loses the grip. The old man dies and the new man rises.

When I get baptized in water a demon manifested and it wasn’t me at all. I don’t even remember what I did. I had to see in the video of my baptism. And I cross completely crazy. The demon was, was crazy. It wasn’t me. I kicked Jon. He baptized me. I kicked him. And I said sorry?

After the baptism, I felt like the heavy weight completely disappeared. And I was so excited to go and make disciples. All my convictions in Christ, they started to be alive in me. I started to want to talk about Jesus to everyone. Even to the people who led me to terrorism. I wanted to go and see them and tell them that they are wrong and that love is waiting for them. We are created in the image of God and I really want Muslims to came to the truth and really know Jesus Because He loves them no matter what they did, no matter what they say. He loves them, and Muslims need Jesus. I know that may seem crazy what I am saying, but I didn’t want to, I’ve been where you are and

I assure you Islam is not the truth. I assure you, please Look for God with all your heart, and you will find Him, because I’m sure you don’t have a personal relationship with God Because maybe you are following rules. But with God it’s an adventure. It’s something really Unique, and that’s what I am experiencing. Tomorrow I don’t know where I am going to be but I know Jesus will take care of me and All of this is encouraging.

Sometimes I think about my family. Of course it’s hard, of course it hurts because I was so used to be with them. But I am not an orphan Because my family in Christ adopted me. And that came from Christ. I know it’s common in the family, but me… my dad never told me that he loved me, and I never told him that I loved him, even if we know it In Psalm 18:1, when my Heavenly Father told me actually that He loves me. The first time I saw this, really, I cried. I was alone in my room and stuff, and I really cried. And it’s just amazing Awesome Yeah, yeah.

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