Road Rage Lyrics – C4 Crotona, Q-Flo and Prodi Da Prodigal

Intro: C4 Crotona
Yeah, yeah
Ayy yo, I go by the name of C4 Crotona (Yeah)
I represent that Menace gang (Menace), uh
And I love to rap about the truth
I love to rap about the truth ’cause for a long time, they lied to me (They did)
Yeah, yo

Verse 1: C4 Crotona
Representative of Lord Jesus (Yeah)
I was broken and divided into four pieces, yeah (Woah)
Them energy vampires is pure leeches (They are)
My dawg rеady to bark for me, need more leashеs (I do)
We was influenced by G-Unit and Dipset (Oh)
My bro shows a bloody path, some other shows a Crip set
Took a big step, removed the filters from the pictures
Then I saw all the darkness around it, I’m like a vignette (Tell the truth)
Ain’t no time for jokin’ (No), this is spiritual warfare
And I leave my rivals smokin’ with my Bible open (Ah)
Sin was seepin’ through my paws, it was a crazy odor (Dang)
Became a baby in the faith, pushin’ that baby stroller (Ah)
The Lord raised me to a Navy soldier
Now I try to warn about the flood and they laugh, we in the days of Noah (Yeah)
Won’t save ’em all from bakin’
Walk with a light so bright, a demon touch me, I burn ’em and have ’em Harlem shakin’
Yeah (Lord), they remind me of my old ways (Old ways)
Back when my heart froze from them cold days (Cold days)
Since I’ve been walkin’ with the Son, they try to throw shade (Throw shade)
I’m lettin’ Jesus take the wheel ’cause I got road rage (Skrrt)

Verse 2: Q-Flo
Yeah, road rage, black Camaro, do a full swing (Skrrt)
It’s Q-Flo, I’m Geppetto how I pull strings (Yeah)
From the city where you can’t say “Ayy, what’s good” (Uh huh)
You’ll see them killers out the blue yellin’ “Neighborhood”
Yeah, Rapzilla Freshman, got the team beside me (What else?)
We can move three hundred deep, I feel like Leonidas
I was inspired, Reach Records told us “Man up” (Uh huh)
Y’all mad I’m punchin’ every song? Then keep your hands up
Man, what? Gained so many blessings, I can’t help but flex (Go)
Been eleven years and Philly back, ain’t got no time to rest (Go)
Been around the ‘hood, they need prayer, no questions
Fiends was goin’ Stranger Things way before Netflix (Ah)
Ha, I serve a mighty God, but love, you be cautious (Yeah)
His miracles can save your life, just believe off them (Yeah)
This is still real rap, hear the streets talkin’ (What else?)
Punchlines’ll flip a bird like Steve Austin

Verse 3: Prodi Da Prodigal
Knock wit’ a door case, locked in a cold cage
Can’t believe I fell for the devil’s lies with his bull face (Yeah)
I ain’t talkin’ big wave, but bring me back that old faith
The type the size of mustard seed that make the mountain go away
Never hesitate (Never), headed to the top, watch me levitate (Uh huh)
Telekinetic brain waves when I meditate (Yes)
Warm spirit, movin’ mountains with a bit of faith (Brrt)
Devil throwin’ shots, but they never penetrate (Doo-doo-doo)
Armor on my attire, gleamin’ in the sunlight
Armor all on my tires, demons better run (Hahahaha)
Spittin’ blood of Jesus like I’m bleedin’ from the tum, yeah (Uh)
He the One that freed us from the evil and the scum (Yeah)
We spittin’ songs of freedom, puttin’ demons on the run
I was dealin’ snow every season, so it’s easy to freeze a drum (Freeze)
I went from flippin’ grams to let me spaz in the booth
From slabs and glam rap to gladly rappin’ ’bout Jesús (Yes)
Trials we smack way back the Stone Age (Yeah)
This ain’t rap, reroute on the enemy in a fit of road rage (Uh)

Song by C4 Crotona, Q-Flo and Prodi Da Prodigal

Written by Okaywarren, Q-Flo, C4 Crotona and Prodi Da Prodigal

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