Ride For You Lyrics – DJ LostNFound

I’d die for you
I know you’d fight for me
No matter what
I will be there for you
I will be there for you

And it’s all because of you
I found myself in love with
Building something new together
You make me change for the better
So I couldn’t let you ever slip through my fingers
I will fight for your love
Never wanna see you in danger
And even in you silence I still hear your voice
Calling out to me
Baby here’s my heart
I need you to believe

Oh When I fell for you
I never thought I would feel this way
The rode ahead of us
Is something I anticipate
Cause with you
Every breath feels like a Thousand butterflies
And with each step that we take
It brings us closer to forever
No matter what we go through
I know I got you
You know you got me
Yeah Yeah Yeah
So listen to these words as I say

Song by DJ LostNFound Featuring Eris Ford and Jodie Jermaine

Written by Eris Lajuan Ford and Jodie Jermaine Lee

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