Psalm 140 Lyrics – Poor Bishop Hooper

deliver me o lord from evil men
preserve me from the violent
who plan evil things in their hearts
and stir up wars they make their tongues sharp
as a serpents and under their lips is venom

guard me o lord from wicked hands
preserve me from the violent
who have planned to trip up my feet
the arrogant have hidden a trap for me
with cords they have spread a net beside the way they have set

i say to the lord you’re my god
give ear to the voice of my cry
oh lord the strength of my salvation
you cover my head on the battle day

as for those who surround me
let the mischief of their lips be overwhelming
may burning coals fall on them
may they be cast to fire and pits
let no liar in the land and let evil hunt down the violent man

the lord will maintain the afflicted
he’ll give justice to the poor
the righteous will give thanks to your name
the upright will dwell in your presence

Song by Poor Bishop Hooper
Poor Bishop Hooper is Jesse and Leah Roberts