Pillars Lyrics – Hannah Hodges

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Verse 1:
I am a pillar
Carved to adorn
Being carved isn’t easy
Oh, but it makes me look more like You

Verse 2:
I am a pillar
Strong and unbreakable
I have firm foundations that uphold Your creation
And that points the world back to You
Oh, it points the world back to You

I don’t live in isolation
I was made to share the weight
With my sisters who surround me
Bringing glory to Your name
And though the journey’s not that simple
I’m learning to love community
‘Cause I’m committed to the process
Of knowing my identity

So I will learn to love the things You love
And recognise myself in Your Word
‘Cause a life can be changed by a single verse
And that transforms the world

Song by Hannah Hodges

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