Music Bands

Anthony Brown & group therAPy

Anthony Brown & group therAPy’s Album: “2econd Wind: Ready” (2019)

Anthony Brown & group therAPy’s Album: “A Long Way From Sunday” (2017)

Anthony Brown & group therAPY’s Album: “Everyday Jesus” (2015)

Anthony Brown & group therAPy’s Album: “Anthony Brown & group therAPy” (2012)

Any Given Day

Any Given Day’s Album: “Overpower” (2019)

Any Given Day’s Album: “Everlasting” (2016)

Apollo LTD

Apollo LTD’s Album: “Out Of Body” (2019)

Apollo LTD’s EP: “Out Of Body” (2018)

Astral Doors

Astral Doors’ Album: “Worship Or Die” (2019)

Astral Doors’ Album: “Black Eyed Children” (2017)

Astral Doors’ Album: “Notes From The Shadows” (2014)

Audio Adrenaline

Audio Adrenaline’s Album: “Sound of the Saints” (2015)

Austin Stone Worship

Austin Stone Worship’s Album: “Everflow” (2017)

Austin Stone Worship’s Album: “This Glorious Grace (Live)” (2015)

Austin Stone Worship’s Album: “Austin Stone Live” (2011)


BarlowGirl’s Album: “Love & War” (2009)

BarlowGirl’s Album: “Home For Christmas” (2008)

Bethany Music

Bethany Music’s Album: “Bethany Music” (2018)

Bethany Music Album: “When You Move (Live)” (2017)

Bethel Music

Bethel Music’s live album: “Victory” (2019)

Bethel Music’s live album: “Moments: Mighty Sound” (2018)

Bethel Music’s Live Album: “Starlight” (2017)

Bethel Music’s Live Album: “Have It All” (2016)


Bellarive’s Album: “Before There Was” (2014)

Bellarive’s Album: “The Heartbeat” (2012)

Bellarive’s EP: “The Being Human Project…Start Listening” (2009)

Big Daddy Weave

Big Daddy Weave’s Album: “When the Light Comes” (2019)

Big Daddy Weave album: “Beautiful Offerings” (2015)

Bright Ones

Bright Ones Album: “Bright Ones” (2018)

Bright Ones’ Album: “Come Alive” (2015)

Building 429

Building 429’s Album: “Live the Journey” (2018)

Building 429’s Album: “Unashamed” (2015)

Building 429’s Album: “We Won’t Be Shaken” (2013)

Building 429’s Album: “Listen to the Sound” (2011)

Building 429’s Advanced EP: “Listen to the Sound” (2011)

Building 429’s Album: “Building 429” (2008)

Citipointe Worship

Citipointe Worship’s Album: “Citipointe Worship (Live)” (2019)

Citipointe Worship’s Album: “Mover Of Mountains” (2018)

Citizen Way

Citizen Way’s Album: “Love Is A Lion” (2019)

Citizen Way’s album: “2.0” (2016)

Citizen Way’s album: “Love Is The Evidence” (2013)


CityAlight EP: “Yet Not I” (2018)

CityAlight’s Album: “Only A Holy God” (2016)

CityAlight’s Album: “Yours Alone” (2015)

Cross Worship

Cross Worship EP: “Camp Sessions Vol. 1” (2018)

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter’s Album: “Peace” (2019)

Demon Hunter’s Album: “War” (2019)

Diante do Trono

Diante do Trono’s Album: “Outra Vez” (2019)

Diante do Trono’s Album: “Outra Vez Vol.2” (2019)

Diante do Trono’s Album: “Imersão 3” (2019)

Diante do Trono’s Single: “Deserto de Revelação” (2017)

Diante do Trono’s Album: “Sol da Justiça” (2011)

Diante do Trono’s Album: “Preciso de Ti Diante do Trono 4” (2001)

Elevation Worship

Elevation Worship’s Album: “At Midnight” (2019)

Elevation Worship’s Album: “Aleluya (En La Tierra)” (2019)

Elevation Worship’s Album: “Paradoxology” (2019)

Elevation Worship’s Album: “Evidence” (2018)

Elevation Worship’s album: “Hallelujah Here Below” (2018)

Elevation Worship’s album: “There Is A Cloud” (2017)

Elevation Worship’s EP: “Lo Harás Otra Vez” (2017)

Elevation Worship’s album: “Here As In Heaven” (2016)

Elevation Worship’s album: “Wake Up The Wonder” (2014)

Elevation Worship’s album: “Only King Forever” (2014)

Elevation Worship’s album: “Nothing Is Wasted” (2013)

Elevation Worship’s album: “For The Honor” (2011)

Elevation Worship’s album: “Kingdom Come” (2010)

Finding Favour

Finding Favour’s Album: “Farewell Fear” (2017)

Finding Favour’s Album: “Reborn” (2015)

Finding Favour’s EP: “Finding Favour” (2013)


for KING & COUNTRY’s album: “Burn The Ships” (2018)

for KING & COUNTRY’s live album: “Christmas | LIVE from Phoenix” (2017)

for KING & COUNTRY’s album: “Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong.” (2014)

for KING & COUNTRY’s EP: “Into The Silent Night” (2013)

Forerunner Music

Forerunner Music Album: “Fully Alive” (2018)

Forerunner Music’s Album: “Where I Belong”

Forerunner Music’s Album: “Endless: Songs of Eternity” (2014)


GATEWAY’s Album: “Greater Than (Live)” (2018)

GATEWAY’s Album: “Monuments” (2017)

GATEWAY’s album: God Be Praised (2010)

GATEWAY’s Album: “Wake up the World” (2008)

GATEWAY’s Album: “Living for You” (2006)

Grace City Music

Grace City Music Album: “Here Comes This Dreamer (Live)” (2019)

Grace City Music Album: “Grace City (Live)” (2018)

Grace City Music Album: “Living with a Fire” (2017)

Hawk Nelson

Hawk Nelson’s Album: “Miracles” (2018)

Hawk Nelson’s Album: “Diamonds” (2015)

Here Be Lions

Here Be Lions’ Album: “I Speak Jesus” (2019)

Here Be Lions’ Album: “Only A Holy God (Live)” (2018)

Highlands Worship

Highlands Worship’s Album: “Jesus You Alone” (2019)

Highlands Worship’s EP: “Shine Heaven’s Light – A Christmas EP” (2019)

Highlands Worship’s EP: “Vol 1: Wonderful Things” (2018)

Highlands Worship’s EP: “Vol 2: Jesus You Alone” (2018)

Highlands Worship’s EP: “You’re Here” (2018)

Highlands Worship’s Album: “Here I Surrender” (2016)

Highlands Worship’s Album: “Place Of Freedom” (2012)

Highlands Worship’s Album: “Arise” (2009)

Hillary Scott & The Scott Family

Hillary Scott & The Scott Family’s Album: “Love Remains” (2016)

Hillsong UNITED

Hillsong UNITED’s Live Album: “People” (2019)

Hillsong UNITED’s Album: “Wonder” (2017)

Hillsong UNITED’s Album: “Empires” (2015)

Hillsong UNITED’s Album: “Zion” (2013)

Hillsong UNITED’s Album: “Aftermath” (2011)

Hillsong UNITED’s Album: “Across The Earth: Tear Down The Walls” (2009)

Hillsong UNITED’s Album: “The I Heart Revolution: With Hearts As One” (2008)

Hillsong UNITED’s Album: “All Of The Above” (2007)

Hillsong Worship

Hillsong Worship’s Album: “Awake” (2019)

Hillsong Worship’s live album: “There Is More” (2018)

Hillsong Worship’s Album: “Christmas: The Peace Project” (2017)

Hillsong Worship’s live album: “Let There Be Light” (2016)

Hillsong Worship’s live album: “Open Heaven / River Wild” (2015)

Hillsong Worship’s live album: “No Other Name” (2014)

Hillsong Worship’s Album: “Cornerstone” (2012)

Hillsong Worship’s Album: “God Is Able” (2011)

Hillsong Worship’s Album: “Faith+Hope+Love” (2009)

Hillsong Worship’s Album: “Saviour King” (2008)

Hillsong Worship’s Album: “This Is Our God” (2008)

Hillsong Worship’s Album: “God He Reigns” (2005)

Hillsong Worship’s Album: “For All You’ve Done” (2004)

Hillsong Worship’s Album: “By Your Side” (1999)

Hillsong Worship’s Album: “God Is In The House” (1996)

Hillsong Young & Free

Hillsong Young & Free Album: “III (Reimagined)” (2019)

Hillsong Young & Free’s Acoustic Album: “III (Studio Sessions)” (2019)

Hillsong Young & Free EP: “This Is Living” (2015)

Hillsong Young & Free Album: “We Are Young & Free (Live)” (2013)


Housefires’ Album: “Housefires V (Live)” (2019)

Housefires’ fourth live album: “We Say Yes” (2017)

Housefires’ Album: “Housefires II” (2014)

Housefires’ Album: “Housefires” (2014)

HT Worship

HT Worship’s EP: “Great & Glorious” (2017)

Hyper Fenton & Moflo Music

Hyper Fenton & Moflo Music’s Album: “Remembering Me” (2018)

Hyper Fenton & Moflo Music’s EP: “Amazing Grace Remixed” (2018)

Hyper Fenton & Moflo Music’s EP: “Zaphenath-Paneah (Joseph’s Promise)” (2018)

Hyper Fenton’s Album: “Kindergarten Dreams Back to School Edition” (2018)


I AM THEY’s album: “Trial & Triumph” (2018)

I AM THEY’s album: “I Am They” (2015)

Influence Music

Influence Music’s Album: “REBELS” (2019)

Influencers Worship

Influencers Worship’s EP: “On Earth / In Heaven” (2018)


InSalvation’s Album: “NEON” (2017)

Isla Vista Worship

Isla Vista Worship’s Album: “Soul Hymns” (2019)

Isla Vista Worship’s Album: “Isla Vista Worship 2” (2017)

James Fortune & FIYA

James Fortune & FIYA’s album: “Dear Future Me” (2017)

James Fortune & FIYA’s album: “Live Through It” (2014)

James Fortune & FIYA’s album: “Grace Gift” (2012)

James Fortune & FIYA’s album: “Identity” (2012)

James Fortune & FIYA’s album: “Encore” (2010)

James Fortune & FIYA’s album: “The Transformation” (2007)

James Fortune & FIYA’s album: “You Survived” (2004)

Jubilee Worship

Jubilee Worship’s Album: “Atmosphere Chapter 1”

Jubilee Worship’s Album: “Atmosphere Chapter 2”

Jubilee Worship’s Album: “Light the Way”



Leeland’s Album: “Better Word (Live)” (2019)

Leeland’s Album: “Invisible” (2016)


MercyMe’s Album: “Lifer” (2017)

MercyMe’s Album: “MercyMe – It’s Christmas!” (2015)

MercyMe’s Album: “Welcome to the New” (2014)

MercyMe’s Album: “The Hurt And The Healer” (2012)

MercyMe’s Album: “The Generous Mr. Lovewell” (2010)

MercyMe’s Album: “All That Is Within Me” (2007)

MercyMe’s Album: “Coming Up To Breathe” (2006)

MercyMe’s Album: “Undone” (2004)

MercyMe’s Album: “Almost There” (2002)

MercyMe’s Album: “Spoken For” (2002)

MercyMe’s Album: “Look” (2000)

MercyMe’s Album: “The Need” (1999)

MercyMe’s Album: “The Worship Project” (1999)

Nashville Life Music

Nashville Life Music’s EP: “Taylor House Sessions” (2019)

Nashville Life Music’s Album: “Shine On Us Pt. 1” (2018)


NEEDTOBREATHE’s EP: “Forever On Your Side” (2018)

NEEDTOBREATHE’s Album: “H A R D L O V E” (2016)

NEEDTOBREATHE’s Album: “Rivers In The Wasteland” (2014)

NEEDTOBREATHE’s EP: “Keep Your Eyes Open” (2012)

NEEDTOBREATHE’s Album: “The Reckoning” (2011)

NEEDTOBREATHE’s Album: “The Outsiders” (2009)

NEEDTOBREATHE’s Album: “The Heat” (2007)

NEEDTOBREATHE’s Album: “Daylight” (2006)

NEEDTOBREATHE’s EP: “Cercas Blancas”

New Wine Worship

New Wine Worship’s Album: “This Is Love” (2019)

New Wine Worship’s Album: “You Restore My Soul (Live)” (2018)


Newsboys’ Album: “United (Deluxe Edition)” (2019)

Newsboys’ Album: “United” (2019)

Newsboys’ Album: “Love Riot” (2016)

Newsboys’ album: “Hallelujah For The Cross” (2014)

Newsboys’ album: “God’s Not Dead” (2011)

Newsboys’ album: “Born Again” (2010)

Newsboys’ album: “Adoration: The Worship Album” (2003)

Newsboys’ album: “In The Hands Of God” (2009)

North Point InsideOut



Passion’s Album: “Follow You Anywhere (Live)” (2019)

Passion’s Album: “Whole Heart” (2018)

Passion’s Album: “Worthy of Your Name” (2017)

People & Songs

People & Songs’ Album: “The Emerging Sound Vol. 5” (2019)

People & Songs’ Album: “The Emerging Sound Vol. 4” (2018)


Planetshakers’ Album: “Rain” (2019)

Planetshakers Live EP: “Rain Pt 2” (2019)

Planetshakers’ EP: “Rain Pt 1” (2019)

Planetshakers’ Album: “Heaven On Earth” (2018)

Planetshakers’ EP: “Heaven On Earth Pt. 3” (2018)

Planetshakers’ EP: “Heaven On Earth Pt. 2” (2018)

Planetshakers’ EP: “Heaven On Earth Pt. 1 (Live in Asia)” (2018)

Planetshakers Live Album: “Legacy” (2017)

Planetshakers Album: “Overflow” (2016)

Planetshakers Live Album: “Let’s Go” (2015)

Ramp Worship

Ramp Worship’s Album: “The River Is Rising” (2015)

Red Rocks Worship

Red Rocks Worship’s Album: “Spark (Live)” (2019)

Red Rocks Worship’s Album: “Here (Live)” (2017)

Red Rocks Worship’s Album: “Into The Light” (2015)

Red Rocks Worship’s EP: “The Rooftop” (2014)

Rend Collective

Rend Collective’s Album: “Good News” (2018)

Rend Collective’s Album: “Build Your Kingdom Here (A Rend Collective Mixtape)” (2017)

Rend Collective’s Album: “Campfire” (2013)

Rend Collective’s Album: “Homemade Worship by Handmade People” (2012)

River Valley Worship

River Valley Worship’s Album: “Million Lifetimes” (2018)

River Valley Worship’s Album: “Million Lifetimes: Deconstructed” (2018)

Rivers & Robots

Rivers & Robots’s Album: “Discovery” (2018)

Rivers & Robots Album: “All Things New” (2014)

Sanctus Real

Sanctus Real’s Album: “Changed” (2018)

Sanctus Real’s Album: “The Dream” (2014)

Sanctus Real’s album: “Run” (2013)

Sanctus Real’s Album: “Pieces Of A Real Heart” (2010)

Sanctus Real’s Album: “We Need Each Other” (2008)

Sanctus Real’s Album: “The Face Of Love” (2006)

Sanctus Real’s album: “Fight The Tide” (2004)

SEU Worship

SEU Worship’s Album: “Heaven Life (Live)” (2018)

SEU Worship’s Album: “SEU Worship (Live)” (2017)

SEU Worship’s EP: “Born To Run” (2017)

Seventh Day Slumber

Seventh Day Slumber’s Album: “Closer To Chaos” (2019)

Seventh Day Slumber’s Album: “Found” (2017)

Seventh Day Slumber’s EP: “Redline” (2015)

Seventh Day Slumber’s Album: “We Are The Broken” (2014)

Seventh Day Slumber’s Album: “Love And Worship” (2013)

Seventh Day Slumber’s Album: “The Anthem Of Angels” (2011)

Seventh Day Slumber’s Album: “Take Everything” (2009)

Seventh Day Slumber’s Album: “Finally Awake” (2007)

Seventh Day Slumber’s Album: “Once Upon A Shattered Life” (2005)

Seventh Day Slumber’s Album: “Freedom From Human Regulations” (2001)

Seventh Day Slumber’s Album: “Matthew Twenty Five” (1999)

Shane & Shane

Shane & Shane’s Album: “Hymns Live” (2019)

Shane & Shane’s Album: “Bring Your Nothing” (2013)

Shane & Shane’s Album: “Psalm 2”

Sidewalk Prophets

Sidewalk Prophets Album: “Something Different” (2015)


Skillet Album: “Victorious” (2019)

Skillet’s Album: “Unleashed Beyond” (2017)

Skillet Remix EP: “Feel Invincible” (2017)

Skillet’s Album: “Unleashed” (2016)

Skillet’s Album: “Vital Signs” (2014)

Skillet’s Album: “Rise” (2013)

Skillet’s Album: “Awake” (2009)

Skillet’s Album: “Comatose” (2006)

Southern Gospel Revival


Switchfoot’s Album: “NATIVE TONGUE” (2019)

Switchfoot’s Album: “Where The Light Shines Through” (2016)

Tenth Avenue North

Tenth Avenue North’s Album: “No Shame” (2019)

Tenth Avenue North’s EP: “The Things We’ve Been Afraid To Say” (2018)

Tenth Avenue North’s Album: “Followers” (2016)

The Afters

The Afters’ album: “Live On Forever” (2016)

The Afters’ album: “Light Up The Sky” (2010)

The Belonging Co

The Belonging Co’s Album: “Awe + Wonder (Live)” (2019)

The Belonging Co’s Album: “All The Earth” (2017)

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s Album: “High & Lifted Up” (1999)

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s Album: “Favorite Song Of All” (1996)

Third Day

Third Day’s Album: “Revival” (2017)

Third Day’s Album: “Lead Us Back: Songs of Worship” (2015)

Thrive Worship

Thrive Worship’s Album: “A Thousand More” (2019)

United Pursuit

United Pursuit’s Album: “Garden (Live)” (2018)

United Pursuit’s Album: “Garden” (2018)

United Pursuit’s EP: “Looking For A Savior” (2016)

United Pursuit’s Live Album: “Simple Gospel” (2015)


Unspoken’s EP: “Just Give Me Jesus” (2018)

Unspoken’s Album: “Follow Through” (2016)

Unspoken’s Album: “Unplugged” (2015)

Unspoken’s Album: “Unspoken” (2014)

Unspoken’s EP: “Get To Me” (2012)


Urban Rescue

Urban Rescue’s Album: “City Sessions (Live in Los Angeles)” (2017)

Urban Rescue’s Album: “Wild Heart” (2016)

Urban Rescue’s EP: “Wild Heart” (2016)

Urban Rescue’s Album: “Re-Imagined” (2015)

Urban Rescue’s EP: “Wildfire” (2014)

Urban Rescue’s Album: “Listen Empty” (2012)

Vertical Worship

Vertical Worship’s Album: “Bright Faith Bold Future” (2018)

Vertical Worship’s Album: (2017)

Vertical Worship’s Album: “Live Worship From Vertical Church” (2012)

Victory Worship

Victory Worship’s Album: “Hope Has Come” (2019)

Victory Worship’s Album: “Tribes” (2019)

Victory Worship’s EP: “Shelter” (2018)

Victory Worship’s EP: “In Your Name” (2018)

Victory Worship’s EP: “For Your Purpose” (2017)

Victory Worship’s Album: “Rise Heart” (2015)

Victory Worship’s Album: “Radical Love” (2014)

Vintage Worship

Vintage Worship’s Live Album: “Heaven All Around Us” (2019)

Watoto Children’s Choir

Watoto Children’s Choir’s Album: “Signs & Wonders” (2017)

We Are Messengers

We Are Messengers EP: “Honest” (2019)

We Are Messengers’ Album: “We Are Messengers” (2016)

We Are Messengers EP: “God With Us” (2016)

We The Kingdom

We Will Worship

We Will Worship’s Album: “Seasons Vol. 1”

We Will Worship’s Album: “Seasons Vol. 2”

Will Reagan and United Pursuit

Will Reagan and United Pursuit’s Album: “Live in Baltimore” (2018)

Will Reagan and United Pursuit’s Album: “Tell All My Friends” (2017)

Will Reagan and United Pursuit’s Album: “Endless Years” (2012)

Will Reagan and United Pursuit’s live album: “Live At The Banks House” (2010)

Will Reagan and United Pursuit’s Album: “In The Night Season” (2009)


7eventh Time Down

7eventh Time Down’s Album: “Brand New Day” (2019)

7eventh Time Down’s Album: “God Is On The Move” (2015)

7eventh Time Down’s Album: “Just Say Jesus” (2013)

7eventh Time Down’s Album: “Alive In You” (2011)

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