Look Up! Lyrics – The Harlem Gospel Travelers

Look up
Look up

Verse 1:
When the world starts to get you down
And you can’t seem to raise your head
Find yourself on the wrong side of town
Find out what somebody said
When you’re falling down, stroll on
That you can’t fall no more
Oh, you’re lost in a mess of loneliness
Wondering which way you should go

You’ve got to raise your gears above the haze
And find yourself to better days
And if you set your heart, you’ll find your star
And be on your way-ayy-ayy

Look up
Look up (Oh, oh-oh)

Verse 2:
When I was a sinful man
I sinned both night and day
I didn’t listen when they told me
“Son, you shouldn’t be livin’ this way”
I became a stranger to the ones I love the most
And I played around from town to town
Wandering from pillar to post

And I heard a voice, and I made a choice
That told me to lighten my load
And then I opened my eyes, and I realized
To get to heaven you take the high ro-o-oad

Look up (When you can’t see a way)
Look up (To a brighter day)
Look up (When the odds are against you)
Look up (Remember that heaven sent you)
Look up (When there’s no one around), ooh, ooh
Look up (You deserve love)
Look up (When you’re living in fear)
Look up (He will wipe all your tears)
Look up (I will look to the hills)
Look up (For what’s coming ahead)
Look up (I said hold up my head)
Look up (Said it comes from the Lord)
Look up

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