Life Problems: Clean This Equation To Solve Them

Life problems are not in the Lord Jesus Christ. This post is for those who think they have them.

Watch this:

A Teacher wrote on the board: 36x + yx, 2/3yx + 3x (66y + 12x)b = 0

He turned to Agyeman and said, “Solve the problem.”

Agyeman picked the duster, cleaned the board and said, “Problem solved!

Some of Life Problems Require Such Solutions

Just clean it off and move on.

Someone wants to give you a naughty problem, just clean it off and move on.

When someone comes with demoralizing and discouraging news to spoil your day, just clean and clear up your mind and move on.

Someone tries to pick a useless quarrel with you while you’re doing something constructive, just clean it up and move on.

Just brush them aside and focus on your goal when they want to obstruct your move to success.

Take the duster today and clean up all the rubbish from your heart; clean up anger, clean up bitterness, clean up petty jealousy, clean up bickering, clean up hatred, clean up covetousness, clean up evil thoughts and unforgiveness and you will discover that your problems are solved.

Philippians 4:6-8 has it this way to help you solve life problems:

6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;


Copied from a WhatsApp group share.

By Francis Quarshie, founder of MYTOPFINDING.COM. I am perfect, excellent, and good. All things work together for my good. Jesus Christ is my Lord. I am a joint-heir with Him. And an heir of God. I am as Jesus is in this world.

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