Later Lyrics – Christon Gray

Paid the price
I don't need your advice

Thinkin' bout what to do next
Shouldn't be this hard to book shows with a blue check
Back and forth, let it happen like a 2-step
God, keep doing what you do best

I know your secret, don't keep it from me
You're staying enslaved cause you need the money
Sam I Am on a moving train
I'm moving on, you should do the same

Green eggs till the album hatches
Heatmakers on the team wearing owl jackets
G did that one
With the sound patches
Rain (reign) is coming, got the clouds clapping

Y'all know what happens when I get with Shabby
Cut the check and we'll all be happy
Put a ring on my queen down in Cincinnati
Made a baby when she called me daddy

Innuendo, to the wall (bloaw)
Who's that peaking in my window, nobody now
I don't feel them cause their novacane
Said I got dissed, but I don't know his name

I'm Superman, stay in your Lois Lane
I'm Superman, stay in your Lois Lane
People in my circle seen me go insane
If you comin in my circle, then I hope you prayin

Look at me, matter fact, know what
Book it G
Burnin trees used to be my therapy
Now I'm moving soberly
Thankfully, I changed all my trajectories
Without coppin pleas or bendin knees

Peace and tranquility
Tryna give my daughter something so she's proud of me
Same goes for wifey, she ridin' for life B
Shotty like she Gotti, lookin to catch bodies for eternity

Eventually, them bad days caught up with me
And humbled me
But truth be told, I never fold when weathers cold
Because the goal is a gold soul that was foretold
Break the mold, and keep good company


Y'all do it Y'alls way
I follow Yahwey
Freeman behind bars call me Shawshank
Man, I can do this all day

Song by Christon Gray Feat. Flow Jackson

Writers: Christon Gray, GiAngelo Power, and Chris Shaban