Is Sex Before Marriage a Sin?

You know that the marriage bed is undefiled. Outside of that is the Greek word porneia which is a general term for immorality. Whether it’s adultery, whether it’s sex before marriage, premarital sex or whatever it is. It’s anything sex outside of the marriage bed.

And porneia is one of the deeds of the flesh and it is sin. So sex before marriage is plainly sin.

The problem is a lack of self-control.

One of the best things you can do for building a strong marriage is exercising self-control because what I’ve discovered in 30 years of ministry is that if you’re not faithful to God before marriage you’re going to sow the seeds of unfaithfulness in your marriage.

There’s something the Bible speaks about when a man and a woman come together. They become one flesh. There’s a ripping apart of souls when they have one relationship to another relationship to another relationship. So I think the Bible is pretty clear on this… Keep listening to Pastor Lloyd Pulley in the video.

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