This Is How To Speak In Tongues

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To many, it’s difficult to speak in tongues, even when they are baptized in the Holy Spirit.

I was once there. So you’re not alone.

In search for an answer, I found what I’m about to share with you. It is a guideline.

This guideline to speaking in tongues is not that of man’s opinion and idea – but in line with what God’s Word says.

Let’s get started.

The Holy Ghost does not speak in tongues through you

He gives us the utterance for us to do the speaking.

I used to sit around waiting for Him to do the speaking. The difference was what I did not know.


Acts 2:4 makes us understand that the brethren began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

And in 1 Corinthians 14:14 apostle Paul said his spirit prays, not the Holy Spirit. Thank God for making a provision for our spirits to pray.

The Gentiles were heard speaking with tongues in Acts 10:45-46.

Also read Acts 19:6 for more.

So in all, believers did the speaking.


Did your tongue ever want to say something that was not the native language you know?

Don’t keep yourself from speaking whatever your tongue want to say again. Yield to that urge.

Apart from Christians doing the speaking, another point to note is “the Holy Spirit prompts.”


You get the prompting or urge to speak

I had the prompting within to say “baba, baba…” when I got baptized in the Holy Ghost, but I wasn’t sure. And I really don’t want to ever fake anything when it comes to the things of God.

So I kept asking the brethren who spoke in this heavenly language, including my wife and spiritual father.

The answer they gave me was “you speak the exact words that want to come out, allow the words to flow.”

You see, there is nothing like “let the Holy Ghost talk.”

What kept me from speaking with different languages was my lack of yielding. You can call it lack of faith. I was to simply open my mouth and use my own voice to start speaking. But I never did until I understood the dynamics of praying in tongues from God’s Word.

Folks who believe like children easily yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit. They begin speaking “given utterances” even before biblically understanding it.

My advice:

Believe God like a child. And use your voice to start speaking.

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