Girl Reunites With Postal Carrier Who Rescued Her From Sex Trafficking

“I don’t see myself as a hero, I see myself as a person who – I really want to help.” Mr. Crisostomo said.

He found Ms. Allen, the 16-year-old girl, sobbing behind a tree in a “notoriously high-crime area”. “Don’t worry, nobody’s going to take you, I’m here for you,” he said the 16-year-old. Then he helped her call her family.

Ivan Crisostomo assured Allen’s parents that she’s in safe hand, and allowed her to sit in his postal truck to wait for the police.

What did he get in the end? He got a warm hug from the Californian teenager at his workplace.

Stacy Ohman, her mum, said Allen was lured by a friend to Sacramento, where she was kidnapped and held captive, and abused by drug addicts and sex traffickers.

She was fortunate to get the chance one day to escape from her captor’s car by jumping out of it. Smartly, Allen was able to grab a phone from them when doing the escape.

You can hear from her in the video:

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