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This daily devotional and Bible-study guide is referred to as the “Messenger Angel.”

In 1000 languages, the Rhapsody of Realities reaches over 242 nations transforming lives here and there. We at Mytopfinding are proud to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the content in this devotional.

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We don’t want you to leave without a testimony.

So watch Sister Shirley Mason from the Christ Embassy Church, Adelaide, Australia, as she testifies to the Glory of God in the video:

Hallelujah! Bringing together marriage couples is one of the miracles people have been receiving using this devotional. And this is another great testimony from our sister in Australia.

You may have heard her right:

It’s a story of her husband praying and reading his Bible in another room, and she doing same separately in another room. But while she was at Church she was given the Rhapsody book which gives daily devotions.

So she went home and took it to her husband, and said to him, “This is a Rhapsody book, this is a daily preaching of the Bible…” and she asked him, “Would you do it with me?” “Yeah, I will. I’ll sort of give it a try” he replied. Which he did and they’ve been doing it ever since.

So every morning they sit down and do their bible study. And they’ve been keeping doing it.

Sister Shirley says, “Thank you, Lord.” And praise is to Jesus that this has happened to them and that they’re closer together now. They enjoy reading and doing their Bible study together.

We thank God for her happy marriage.

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