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Download this month’s, November 2018, Rhapsody of Realities by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome:

Get the free PDF of this daily devotional from the Rhapsody of Realities Influencers Distribution Partnership Platform by clicking here to download the English or other language version for November 2018.

The “Messenger Angel,” as it is popularly known, is translated in hundreds of languages in over two hundred and forty nations.

Transforming lives everywhere, we, at Mytopfinding, are proud to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ using this Christian devotional.

We do not want you to get a copy without a testimony; Sister Shirley Mason from the Christ Embassy Church, Adelaide, Australia, has one about her marriage:

It is a story of her husband praying and reading the bible in another room, and she doing same separately in another room. At Church, one Sunday, she was given the Rhapsody book to be used for her daily devotions. So she went home, took it to her husband, and said to him, “This is a Rhapsody book, a daily preaching of the bible.” And she asked him, “Would you do it with me?” “Yeah, I will. I’ll sort of give it a try,” her husband replied. He did, and they have been doing it ever since; every morning they sit down and do their bible study together.

Hallelujah! That is a great testimony from our sister in Australia. Praise to God that this has happened to them, and that they are closer now. They enjoy reading and doing their bible study together.

Sister Shirley says, “Thank you, Lord.”

Watch her testify to the Glory of God in this video on YouTube by Christ Embassy, Australia:

Uniting marriage couples is one of the miracles people receive using this daily devotional. We thank God for her happy marriage.


You can request for the free Pdfs of the months of October, September, August, July, and June 2018 from us.

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