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Some Christians with smartphones do not know about the free Amazon Kindle app, causing them to lose affordable Christian books written by great men of God.

Why Amazon Kindle Exist

In 1994, Jeff Bezos created Amazon as an online books store. Today, it is the world’s largest online retailer store that sells everything else aside books. His passion for selling books, which caused him to create Amazon, made him think of making books cheap for us to access and/or acquire. Kindle exist because of that.

Read and or listen to all your Christian books using this simple and easy to use incredible free app. Download it and read instantly on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. You do not have to acquire any Kindle E-reader from the family of Amazon Kindle E-readers for your books, JUST USE YOUR SMARTPHONE; it is cheaper and efficient that way.

You can read instantly on your browser with Kindle Cloud Reader, too.

The benefits of using Amazon Kindle App:


Amazon Kindle App Dictionary and X-Ray


No hung up on a word you don’t know or a character you can’t remember when reading. Quickly look up dictionary definitions and Wikipedia references right from your book. Select words to translate. And more.

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Amazon Kindle App - Adjust Fonts, Brightness, Layouts and Page Color


Scroll your book like a webpage. Enjoy images and charts in more detail. Zoom in on high-quality visuals. Get print-like layouts. Font type options designed for readers. You can easily invert text color with dark mode.

Support for blind and visually impaired readers using the best screen readers, and more.

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Track Your Reading Progress on Amazon Kindle App


Know where you are in percentages and time. Know how much time you have left in a chapter or book based on your reading speed.


Record your thoughts in Notes and Highlights on Amazon Kindle App


Simply tap, hold, and drag to create a highlight. Tap on the highlight again to edit it. Change the color add notes and more. Tap on a word or highlight, and select “Note” to create a note. Tap-and-hold on a word or phrase to search your notes and highlights directly. Bookmark to save important places as you read to revisit at a later date. And more.

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Page Flip on Your Amazon Kindle App


Pin your current page to the side of the screen when you swipe away from it to explore other parts of the book. Tap the pinned page to jump back to it.

Get a bird’s eye view of your book to find a picture or a highlighted passage you’re looking for. Simply Zoom out.

And more.

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Amazon Free Kindle App Plus Audible


Read and listen at the same time. Switch from reading to listening within Kindle app. Or switch between reading on one device and listening on another. Read. Listen. Repeat.

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You’ve discovered all the good things about it. Now, turn your phone into a book with the free Kindle app – so you can read anytime, anywhere. Buy or download a free Christian book once and read everywhere. Your library in your pocket. Do not misuse your smartphone. Do not let it waste your time in life. Use it wisely. It is a blessing. Be a reader.

See all the Christian eBooks and Bibles on Amazon.

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