Download Your Favorite Christian Songs

Want to download your favorite songs seen on

It’s easy.

Use this tool:

YouTube Downloader

Download it from its website. We chose this tool for you because it’s not easy downloading songs from different sources; Use this recommended Windows software to get all your Christian music videos and audio downloads from us.

Now, let’s move straight ahead to learn how to use it to download your music videos and audios.

Download and install the software on you personal computer; It’s safe. Then start using it to freely do downloads.

See how we downloaded the following Christian songs from our own pages:

I Enter The Holy of Holies (Lyrics) – Paul Wilbur

You are Yahweh Lyrics – Steve Crown

You are Great – Steve Crown

We will use images here for you to get the clear picture of how it works.

Open the software:

Search for your favorite song, and select your song by clicking to visit the exact page. As seen in the screenshot below, we are at page 4, and the song selected is “I Enter The Holy of Holies (Lyrics) – Paul Wilbur

We are on the exact selected page that has the song you want to download. Right click on the YouTube video as seen, and copy video URL:

The Free YouTube Downloader will automatically pick the URL when you copy it. So you may not have to paste it in the tool after all. This is how it looks like in the screen shot below.

1 is your selected URL.

2 is the title of the music video with some short meta data.

3 is where you click for your audio (MP3) downloads.

4 is where you click for your video (MP4) downloads.

We chose to click both 3 and 4 for the music video and audio of our selected song, and see the downloading in process below.

5 indicates there’s an ongoing downloads

6 is the audio (MP3) downloading

7 is the video (MP4) downloading

Downloads done; audio is 6.21MB, and video is 17.98MB as seen in the image below:

The screenshot below shows that you can download more the 3 songs at a time:

Go to your player anywhere to access your downloaded songs:

You will see your songs when you open the free YouTube downloader folder in your player or computer as seen below:

Click to play your songs:

Now you can transfer it even on to your mobile phone. Hallelujah!

Disclaimer: we are in no way affiliated to the owners of YouTube Downloader. We do not make money from the links from to the software. We have chosen it for you because we want to help you. and the tool is reliable.

Now, learn all you can about this tool from its site, and download it for free.

God bless you.