Do people who commit suicide go to heaven?

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All sin is forgiven past present and future. Unbelief is a sin, and suicide is the ultimate statement of lack of faith in God’s ability. It is selfish. Now, in Matthew 24:13, Jesus says those that endure to the end will be saved not those who end themselves. Don’t forget people with serious mental sickness, too. Will they go to Heaven?  What is happenning? [Watch the Video].

Recommended Resource:

Heaven and Hell: A Biblical Guide 
by Dr Robert P Lightner (Author)

This Biblical guide to Heaven and Hell, written by noted theologian Dr. Robert Lightner, gives insight into the nature of the eternal state and the destiny of those living on this side of eternity.

Who will go to heaven? Who can never go to heaven? What about those who cannot believe? What about suicide? What are God’s future judgments?

“Heaven and Hell” is a a concise and helpful guide to the eternal state of every soul.

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