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Community Guidelines

The Mytopfinding aggregator is not a political or ideological battlefield.

To that end, we enforce these community guidelines. Please advise us on how to write and implement a much better one as time goes on.

Opening your Account

Your identity should be one that Christians can relate to. And don’t routinely create throwaway accounts.

What to Submit

Anything that exhorts, teaches, and edifies Christians. And submissions that will help the world receive our Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal savior. That includes more than Christian and Jewish persecution stories.

When Submitting

Don’t submit many links from one source at once that the page is dominated by your or such source.

Use original titles; don’t editorialize. Yes, do nothing to make your titles stand out, if you think your submission is important, others will know.

Websites names are shown after links, so please take out the names of sites that are included in the original titles you submit.

And don’t submit a duplicate content of the original source. Please submit original sources.

Don’t use your posts to ask question. Please submit all questions to or take a minute to read our FAQ.

When Commenting

No name calling. We are not “the accuser of the brethren,” Satan is.

Express your point of view, and or challenge claims. But be polite. Say “the article said that…” not “Did you read the article?” Meaning, your comments should be civil and substantive. An educative critical comment teaches helps all of us.

Don’t do anything to emphasize a word or phrase in your comment, only italicize.

Complain is not allowed in comments that a submission is spam or off-topic, only flag them. Don’t also comment about people votes.

Don’t submit comments like “ is turning into digg.”

What happens when we discover any violation?

We will take down any comments or posts, and disable any account that violates this guideline. And we will notify the violator by email to give another chance to fix the issue or to argue back in case we’re getting it wrong. Where someone repeatedly violates the guideline, we may restrict, suspend, or terminate the account.

We reserve the right to enforce, or not enforce, our guideline. These rules create no duty or contractual obligation for us to take any particular action.