Are tattoos a sin? Should a christian get a tattoo?

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Discover the truth about tattoos and piercings from what the Bible says.

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God & Tattoos: Why are people writing on themselves?
by Dmin., Allan Dayhoff (Author)

The souls of men and women have chosen this season in history to speak in a unique and special way. The soul is writing its secrets on the live canvas of the skin with permanent ink. . . with tattoos. Many see a person covered in tattoos walk by and harbor a snarky and judgmental response, when in fact the tattoos just told a very personal story. The stories of pain, loss, hope, and other sentiments of great importance are revealed on the skin of the wearer. And those without tattoos may very well have missed a loud, yet intimately revealing, message. The book God and Tattoos: Why Are People Writing on Themselves? takes a go at the Why. After 300 tattoo interviews and 12 days in tattoo parlors across the nation, Dr. Al Dayhoff shares his research, and his love for his many new tattooed friends.

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