A Million I’s Lyrics – Gungor

I’m a million I’s
Looking in a mirror
I am death and life
Flowing like a river

I am holy ground
Light the mount on fire
I am in the sound
That will take you higher

Who could know or believe it
Who could own or receive it
You can feel, you can breathe it

Keep on breathing

I am endless gaze
To get lost and found in
I am cosmic flame
Never-ending fountain

Like a distant star
That is undiscovered
Like a beating heart
Closer than a lover

Like a shock, like a feeling
In a flash got ya kneeling
Put the gold in the ceiling

I am the movement
The verb of what is
The ground of all being
In you do we live

In you is I Am
I Am is in you
I Am that I Am
I Am is the truth

Song by Gungor

Written by Lisa Gungor, Michael Gungor, Ran Jackson and Daniel MacKenzie

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