123. Christ, We Turn Our Eyes to Thee

“‘CHRIST, we turn our eyes to Thee,
“‘And this mighty mystery!’
“Habakkuk exclaimed of old,
“In the HOLY SPIRIT bold:
“‘Thou shalt come in time appointed,
“For the help of Thine anointed!’”

Taste of myrrh He deigned to know,
Who redeemed the source of woe:
Now He bids all sickness cease
Through the honeycomb of peace:
And to this world deigns to give
That sweet food12121st ed.: fruit by which we live.

Patient LORD! with loving eye
Thou invitest Thomas nigh,
Showing Him that Wounded Side:
While the world is certified,
How the third day, from the grave,
JESUS CHRIST arose to save.

Blest, O Didymus, the tongue
Where that first confession hung:
First the SAVIOUR to proclaim
First the LORD of Life to name:
Such the graces it supplied,
—That dear touch of JESU’s side!

Translator: John Mason Neale (1862)
Author: John of Damascus, Saint (780)

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